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Midland Cornerstone Design Group, Inc. (DBA Cornerstone Design Group) assumes no liability for any home constructed from purchased plans.  Release of these plans assumes cooperation between the owner and his contractor to assure local codes and building techniques are met.  Any ambiguity or discrepancy discovered by the use of these plans shall be reported immediately to Cornerstone Design Group.  A failure to cooperate by notice to Cornerstone Design Group shall release Cornerstone Design Group from responsibility for any and all consequences.  Changes made from the plans without the consent of Cornerstone Design Group are unauthorized and shall release Cornerstone Design Group of responsibility for all consequences arriving out of such changes.  Only a qualified Designer, Architect, Contractor or Structural Engineer should attempt to modify any portion of this design.
The contractor shall be responsible for making sure all work complies with the latest adopted version of their local building and energy codes and the applicable state, county, local and FHA/VA mps.  The contractor is responsible to verify all dimensions of the site prior to beginning construction for errors or omissions and any discrepancies shall be reported to Cornerstone Design Group for justification and/or correction before proceeding with work.  Contractors shall assume responsibility for errors that are not reported.
Cornerstone Design Group expressly reserves its common law copyright and other property rights in these plans.  These plans are not to be reproduced, changed or copied in any form or manner whatsoever, and are protected under copyright laws.  Per the 1990 Copyright Act Cornerstone Design Group shall have two separate copyrights on all design work, one of which is in body of the work provide and the other is on the actual drawings, “graphic” or “pictorial” production.
Copyright © 2006 Cornerstone Design Group. All rights reserved.