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What is Cornerstone Design Group’s experience?
Cornerstone design group has been in Midland, Texas since August of 2003.  Its president has been involved in both residential and commercial design businesses since 1995 with a wide range of design experience.  Designing over 100 custom homes yearly Cornerstone Design Group has experience, not only in Midland/Odessa, but throughout Texas, neighboring states, and even overseas in Sudan, Africa.  Cornerstone Design Group has become a respected and highly sought after design firm by both builders and individual clients. 

What are your typical prices?
Stock Plans: $500 to $1000 based on complexity of design
Custom Plans: Starting at about $1.25 per total square foot of covered area.  Prices vary and increase in cost based on the complexity of design and additional construction documents required.
Remodels:  Contact CDG for estimates based on hourly rates.
Commercial Design: Based on a percentage of total construction cost.
Visualization: Contact CDG for estimates based on hourly rates.
Additional printing, bluelines and CAD files are available at additional charges.

What are the advantages of custom plans?
Many times it is hard to find the stock plan that suite your exact wants and needs.  Custom design offers the opportunity to design a home that fits your exact specifications.

What are the advantages of pre-designed plans?
Pre-designed plans offer the opportunity to purchase a unique design in a cost effective, readily available manner.

Can you modify one of your pre-designed plans to meet my needs?
Absolutely!  All pre-designed plans are totally customizable.  Prices for modifications are based on the plan price plus hourly charges for time required to make desired changes.

What kind of discounts do builders get?
Builders receive discounts from CDG on custom designs.  Multiple uses of the same design merit higher discounts.

What is included in a typical set of plans?
For complete information on this topic, check out our page on What's Included.
In addition to what’s included with pre-designed plans, custom plans include a site plan.  Upon your delivery of a plat/survey, cornerstone design group will create a custom site plan which indicates the location of your new home on your lot along with the sidewalk and driveway locations.

Can you provide more than what is included with a typical set of plans?
Yes!  Items that aren’t standard, but can be included with any plan, include but are not limited to, foundation plan, interior elevations, cabinet elevations, framing plans, sections, 3D models, visualizations, flyers, materials list, and other marketing materials.

How long does it take to complete a custom design?
Time varies from 2 weeks to 6 months based on various factors.  The biggest factor is the client’s ability to make decisions, understand what he or she wants and communicates it well.  Backlog can also make a difference but is rarely a major contributing factor.


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